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Roulette Can Theoretically Be Beaten!

From a theoretical standpoint, roulette can easily be beaten if you simply just bet on red and double your bet every time you lose.  We’ve taken this theory and created a more practical system!


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Welcome to Roulette Betting!

Win money at roulette and have fun doing it! Follow our simple roulette betting strategy below.

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The Roulette Betting System

So you’ve probably heard of the roulette system where you bet on a color, or Odd/Even, and simply double your bet whenever you lose. When you win, your bet resets to the initial amount.

Theoretically, this is a foolproof system. Eventually, the roulette table will give you your win and you can start over by betting your initial size bet. However, in reality, none of us have an infinite bankroll to play with and the casinos limit the maximum bet to prevent this system from working.

However, we’ve tweaked this system a bit to make it more practical and realistic. And it’s fun!

You can win with the Roulette Betting System!

This is how it works:


We set our target goal of profits.

This target goal may depend on your bankroll and on the limits of the particular roulette table you are playing at. For my example, I will set a target goal of $100.


We lay down a sequence of bets that will add up to our goal of $100

This sequence of bets can be whatever you like. For example – it could be set as:

Example 1: 10, 10, 10, 40, 10, 10, 10 (adds up to $100)


Example 2: 25, 10, 5, 20, 5, 10, 25 (also adds up to $100)

or it can be asymmetrical such as:

Example 3: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 20 (also adds up to $100)

Here is where you can get creative and set up your sequences however you like.


We calculate our bet amount by summing up the two outermost numbers

In Example 1 above, our first bet would be $20 (10 + 10). In Example 2, our first bet would be $50 (25 + 25). In Example 3, our first bet would be $25 (5 + 20).


Place the bet on one of the 50/50 outside bets.

Now that we know our bet size, we place that amount on either Red, Black, Even, Odd, 1 to 18, or 19 to 36. I personally always like to set my bet on Red to start!


If we win, we cross off the two outermost numbers and go back to STEP 3, and calculate our new bet amount

In Example 1, we had 10, 10, 10, 40, 10, 10, 10

We would cross off the two outermost numbers:

10, 10, 10, 40, 10, 10, 10

leaving us with the new sequence 10, 10, 40, 10, 10. We now use STEP 3 and calculate our new bet amount (summing up the two outermost numbers) which would be $20 (10 + 10).

For Example 2, our new bet amount would be $20 (10 + 10).

For Example 3, our new bet amount would be $40 (10 + 30).

We now place our new bet on the table, again on one of the 50/50 bets.


If we lose, we add the amount of the bet to the end of our sequence and then go back to STEP 3 to calculate our next bet amount

So, in Example 1, we would add 20 to the end of our sequence, so the new sequence would look like 10 10 10 40 10 10 10 20, and our next bet would be $30 (10 + 20).

For Example 2, our new sequence would look like 25, 10, 5, 20, 5, 10, 25, 50, and therefore our next bet would be $75 (25 + 50).

For Example 3, our new sequence would become 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 20, 25, and therefore our next bet amount would be $30 (5 + 25).

And then we place our next bet.

Once we’ve crossed off all the numbers on our sequence, then we’ve won our target goal of $100!

Those are the basics of this system, but we also apply some tweaks to the system to make it even more fun!

But try it for yourself below!

Now, as I mentioned above, I always start by betting on Red. It’s good luck for me. But if I hit Red four times in a row, then I switch the bet. I will then move the bet to Black or Odd or Even or 1-18 or 19-36.

In fact, I watch each number that comes up and if any of those bets come up 4 times in a row, then I am likely to switch my bet.

For example, if I’m betting on Red, and let’s say I’ve won 4 times in a row. At this point, I may switch to Black. But if I see that the last 4 spins resulted in Even numbers, then I would switch my bet to Odd instead of Black.

Anyway, you can play around with the system to find what works for you – but the basics will always be the same. Try it out for yourself right here with this play version of roulette!

The system works with online roulette, as well as in Vegas. But we recommend playing European Roulette online as it is the best odds version of roulette, because there is a single slot for 0 whereas American Roulette (as you would find in Las Vegas) has both a 0 and 00 on the table.

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